Natural food

Discover the new ethical and healthy option for your little one’s diet, made with exclusively vegetable protein.

Why Vegfood

Its composition based on high quality vegetable protein sources covers all nutritional needs, making it the perfect ethical and sustainable alternative for your little one’s diet.

Quality ingredients

We select vegetable ingredients of the highest quality. We use vegetable proteins, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sustainable food

Our vegetarian feed is a conscious choice that benefits both your furry friend and the environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We contribute to the reduction of deforestation and the conservation of natural resources.

Health and well-being

Our recipe is designed to meet nutritional needs, providing a balanced source of protein, vitamins and essential minerals.

Animal ethics

We believe in respect for all living beings. By choosing a vegetarian diet for your dog, you are making an ethical decision that avoids animal exploitation.

Scientific validation

Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits of a vegetarian diet, affirming that it provides a balanced and healthy diet for our children.


From the long list of ingredients, some of the most outstanding of the recipe for their contribution and properties are the following:

  • Apple pulp
    With a high pectin content, it is protective against acute stomach disorders.
  • Lignin
    Responsible for antiviral activity and great antibacterial power. Cleans teeth and strengthens gums.
  • B group vitamins
    Together with soluble fiber (Beta-glucans), they are diuretic and detoxifying.
  • Malting barley
    It refreshes the liver and gallbladder; it is rich in lysine, source of inositol, cardiac tonic and cholesterol regulator.

About Vegfood

About Vegfood

Vegfood was born and launched in 2013, with the mission of becoming the best vegetarian food option for dogs.

Ten years later, dozens of puppies have been fed only Vegfood for their entire lives and are enjoying excellent health while caring for our planet.

50 years of experience

Vegfood is created and produced by Galitó Pinsos, a company that has been dedicated to the care and well-being of children for more than 50 years from our own factory.

Throughout all these years we have established ourselves as a pioneer in technological innovation in production processes and in the continuous improvement of our recipes.

Scientific validation

A study recently published by the Journal of Animal Science affirms that properly formulated vegetarian and vegan diets meet the nutrition standards established by AAFCO.

The recipes used in the study included ingredients such as lentils, pumpkin, apples, peas and carrots, all of which are present in Vegfood.

Ethical, healthy and quality alternative

Vegfood was created with the objective of providing a complete, balanced and high quality vegetarian food to those dogs whose humans are environmentally conscious.

With Vegfood you choose health and wellness for your little one while caring for the planet and animals.

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50,95 €

More than 2,000 puppies already trust in Vegfood

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my dog will get the required amount of protein and energy from a 100% vegetarian diet?

The best guarantee that Vegfood is an excellent choice for feeding your little one are the more than 10 years that we have been in thel market, feeding puppies of all ages, breeds and breeds of dogs. sizes.

The balance between ingredients, vegetable proteins and cereals The balance between ingredients, vegetable proteins and cereals health status of your dog, without the need to ingest proteins animals.

Vegfood It is made with fresh, quality and sustainable ingredients.s.

It is a conscious and ethical alternative to feed your little one, ensuring your health and well-being without compromising taste or quality.

A study recently published by Journal of Animal Science states that properly formulated vegetarian and vegan diets meet the nutrition standards established by the AAFCO.

The recipes with which the study was carried out included ingredients such as apple, peas and carrots, all of them present at Vegfood.

For all this, Vegfood is the best vegetarian food option fortake care of your little one and take care of our planet.

The introduction of a new food must be carried out gradual to that the animal’s digestive system goes getting used to new food

A good adaptation could be the following:

  • Mix 25% of Vegfood with 75% of the usual food, during 2 intakes.
  • Then mix the food in a proportion of 50% and 50% for 2 intakes.
  • Subsequently, mix 75% of Vegfood with 25% of usual food 2 intakes.
  • Finally, supply only Vegfood.

Foods in dry format should be kept in the bag original, which must be closed again after each use. Other The option we recommend is to preserve the food in a airtight container with lid, plastic or metal. You should always be in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

The croquette retains its optimal palatability for up to two months after the date of opening of the container, as long as Store airtight and in a cool, dry place.

Vegfood has feeding guidelines assigned based on the age, size and/or weight of the animal indicated on the packaging.
Follow them to know how much food you should give your animal every day.

Extra tip: it is advisable to divide the daily ration into two or three shots, spread throughout the day, making sure to measure the assigned amount of food. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

If the foods you give your little one do not contain the nutrients necessary, you could suffer serious health complications caused by deficiencies in your diet

With Vegfood you ensure that your dog will receive all the contributionnutritional necessary to be completely strong, healthy and happy.

Yes, we use plastic in the packaging to preserve the food optimal shape.

Once the product is finished, do not forget to deposit it in the nearest yellow container so it can be recycled properly.

Vegfood is the perfect product for those dogs with stomach sensitive! The ingredients in the recipe, especially the proteins, have been specifically chosen for their easy assimilation, thus eliminating heavy and annoying digestion

Shipping within 24 hours on business days.