Small Adult Races

Small Adult Races

Dehydrated chicken meat (20%), corn protein, soy protein, rice, corn, chicken fat, wheat, vegetable protein extracts, soybean oil, brewer's yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), beet pulp, protein hydrolyzate chicken, FOS and MOS, legume extracts, cassava extract, sodium chloride and minerals.

*With a minimum of 30.4% of meat
15 Kg
PB 22%
GB 12%
FB 2.2%
MI 8%

Complete food for dogs of small breed, in all their adult stage, from 12 months of life. Balanced composition between the protein and energy contribution with the finality to cover all the needs of your day to day. Made with high quality raw materials and digestibility. It favors intestinal flora, provides vitality to the coat, optimal bone development, and mitigates the formation of pathogenic bacteria.

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