NF Mini Adult

NF Mini Adult

30% dehydrated meat and fish (13% chicken meat, 9% pork meat, 6% salmon, 2% hydrolyzed chicken), corn, rice, malted barley, gluten meal, brewer's yeast (sacharomyces cerevisae), flakes extruded corn kernels, leaf wheat bran, plasma proteins, chicken fat, dehydrated egg, salmon oil, beet pulp, legume derivatives, Mojave Yucca, fruit oligosaccharides FOS and mannan oligosaccharides MOS, L-carnitine, sodium chloride , vitamins and minerals. Its energy value is 3.3665 kcal/kg.

*With a minimum of 30% of meat
PB 26%
GB 15%
FB 2,2%
MI 7%

Full feed for small-bred adult dogs with a body weight of up to 10 kg, starting at 12 months of life. Balanced composition between protein and energetic contribution, meeting the conditions of daily demand. Producing high quality raw materials and highly digestible, such as chicken, fish, rice and barley, which avoid the heavy digestion of pets. With L-carnitine, biotin, Omega-3 and Omega-6. The excellent combination of its ingredients ensure an extraordinary flavor that enchants those small pets with a palate and very selective preferences. Size of the Croquette adapted to their jaws.

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