27% dehydrated chicken meat, corn, malting barley, chicken fat, gluten meal, dehydrated fish (natural source of DHA and other polyunsaturated fatty acids), rice, brewer's yeast (sacharomices cerevisae), extruded cornflakes, proteins plasmatic, salmon oil, hydrolyzed chicken, beet pulp, Mojave Yucca, fructooligosaccharides FOS and mannan oligosaccharides MOS, sodium chloride, legume derivatives, methionine, taurine, lysine, vitamins and minerals.

*With a minimum of 35% of meat
15 Kg
4 Kg
PB 31%
GB 15%
FB 2,1%
MI 8%

Complete and balanced food to cover the nutritional needs of cats of all ages and help maintain a good state of health. Composition carefully formulated to ensure the sufficient supply of nutrients with a moderate intake of calories, adjusted to the needs of the cat of moderate activity. In addition, the recipe is also designed to increase natural defenses and maintain the health of the urinary tract. A balanced ratio of fibers that naturally stimulates intestinal transit and helps the elimination of ingested hair. Made with high quality raw materials such as dehydrated chicken meat, dehydrated rice, rice and brewing barley.

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