Galipet Adult

Galipet Adult

30% Dehydrated meats (lamb and pork), rice, corn, brewer's yeast (saccharomices cerevisae), wheat, extruded corn flakes, wheat bran, chicken fat, vegetable protein concentrate, vegetable oils , gluten feed, leguminous extract, chicken hydrolyzate, cassava extract, sodium chloride, vitamins and minerals.

*With a minimum of 30% of meat
18 Kg
10 Kg
PB 25%
GB 9%
FB 2,5%
MI 10%

Complete food for dogs throughout their adult stage, from 12 months of age. Balanced composition between the protein and energy intake in order to maintain optimal weight. Indicated for dogs with moderate activity, meeting the requirements of day to day. Made with selected raw materials of high quality such as lamb, rice, cereals, natural antioxidants, sources of oligosaccharides and moderately fermentable fibers that, together with sources of highly digestible protein, favor the intestinal flora, mitigating the formation of pathogenic bacteria and improving the quality of their depositions.

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