Discover all the product lines we offer, elaborated in our factory with the best quality ingredients and following artisanal processes, thus ensuring a premium food.

Natural ingredients

Artisanal processes

Gourmet food

The BUB-BO Fish Line is a line of gluten-free products, made from fish, rice and potato, which provide exclusive benefits, based on a balanced and healthy diet, for all stages of life.
Also for cats

The NF line offers a variety of products specifically designed for puppies, adults, dogs with moderate and intense activity levels and small breeds. It has a balanced composition between protein and energy intake, meeting the requirements of day-to-day needs.

The Giant Food line favors the animal's satiety thanks to the wide variety of ingredients, in order to maintain an optimal weight. Enriched with chondroitin and glucosamine to prevent the onset of joint problems, and with L-CARNITINE to regulate body weight.

Meu Menu offers a variety of high quality products that promote digestion and improve stool quality. They provide vitality to the coat and contribute to optimal bone maintenance, improving its health and quality of life. Designed for different sizes and stages of life.
Also for Cats

Vegfood does not contain meat, oils, fats or animal proteins, which makes it a conscious and ethical alternative to feed your little one, ensuring their health and well-being, without compromising taste or quality.